January 8th: Birthday of Alfred Russell Wallace, Wallace's namesake.

January 13th: Wallace Beagle was born on this day in 2011 at Marshall BioResources in North Rose, NY.

February 14th: Valentine's Day was Huxley's favorite holiday, because of all the hearts.

May 4th: Birthday of Thomas Henry Huxley, Huxley's namesake.

June 8th: Huxley died on this day in 2021.

June 9th: The spring Beaglefest was traditionally held on the Saturday nearest this date, the birthday of Darwin, the beagle belonging to the organizers.

June 23rd: Huxley was born on this date in 2004 at Covance Research Products in Cumberland, VA.

July 3rd: Wallaversary, the anniversary of Wallace's adoption and arrival at 392 San Jose Avenue in 2013.

October 31st: The autumn Beaglefest was held on a Saturday near Halloween.

December 9th: Huxiversary, the anniversary of Huxley's adoption and arrival at 392 San Jose Avenue in 2005.

Also, the Sunday night closest to the ides of each each month is bath night. Tuesday was Huxley's egg night until he got tired of eggs.